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Still here!  No worries.  Been forever, I know.

Here's the deal.

There are over 8,ooo devations waiting for me to see them.  I cannot do that.  I'm barely online as it is.

1. If you're actually reading this
2. If you are or are not in my list
3. If you just wanna!

Please.  Give me two links from the past year of things you want me to see - be it 'horrible' to your eyes or not, it doesn't matter.  I will be checking up on it soon enough but I WILL go through everyone's bits; I will leave some form of comment discussing the piece presented - at least one sentence.  Not three words ("OMG!" "IT IS BEAUTIFUL!" "OH ME WANTSES!"), you will get some form of feedback from me.  Believe it.  :)
Life sort of sucks right now.  No new art to speak of as far as drawings are concerned (though I have three different digital pieces that all need finishing -- not showing them here until they're finished!  ...whenever that will be.) so I'm sorry if I'm mostly absent.

I'm spending the majority of my time searching for jobs, emailing resumes and filling out applications.  Still no job to speak of -- it depresses me.

I am living in a new apartment, I have a good roommate and she has a silly kitty.  Who likes to play with my yarn.  Ahem.  It is spring.  And I'm going home this weekend.  Am I happy?

No, not really.
Always worried about finances.  And it annoys me.

So!  If you know anyone who's willing to chuck out my next month's rent in exchange for a four month sketchbook trade (200 pages however they'd like)... show them this… .  It'll give me an excuse to use my drawing powers for Good.  And it will let me know where I'll be heating my ramen up next month.

Also... even though I have the opportunity to switch my major from sculpture to illustration... I think I'm going to stick with sculpture and chuck in a crafts double to boot.  For fibers, mainly -- such a degree will come in handy when I go home to work on the farm the rest of my days, surely! :P… < -- Painting up on eBay.… ARTISTIC SERVICES AVAILABLE IF WANTED/NEEDED.  Anything goes.  Contact for more information.

I've located a place to live from now until at least August and I'll be moving there tomorrow after I sign the lease.  Things are moving pretty steadily, I just need to find a job, now.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Yay.  Hunting down an apartment right now, funfun.  I move out of university housing on or before February 24th -- I'm still kind of pissed at VCU for not notifying me that they recieved my loan confirmation but needed a signature so they could dispurse the funds.  GRAH.  That should have been taken care of last week.

Gonna go get some work done, kiddies.  Have fun and don't set deviantART's hair on fire while I'm gone.
Yes, I'm alive.  And I'm working on a truckload of personal projects.

That's right.  I'm working on personal / pet projects.

This means I'm working on things I want to work on rather than things that are due for a grade.  How is this possible?  Connect the dots ;)

I'm also working on contest submissions, grant and scholarship applications, trade pieces for various groups I'm a part of and keeping up with the various resolutions and goals I've set for myself at the beginning of this year.

One of those goals is coming up quite soon -- the Knitting Olympics!

Have been looking for a job-job but, so far, no luck.  Have applied for Sallie Mae and was accepted.  Loads off my back, there -- so glad I was accepted this time.

How were everyone's holidays?
My little brother comes today to get me -- we'll be leaving before noon for christmas shopping and will be home before night fall.

I don't expect to be online at any one point in time -- at least, not for very long.  So have a happy holiday, get yourselves some rest and I'll see you all in the new year.

Who knows if I'll be coming back to Richmond before the new semester starts.  We'll see.
...everything that could go wrong last night *did* go wrong last night.

HOWEVER, printing is go -- Brian at E.Main Kinko's got my order and we discussed it just a moment ago over the phone.  11am pick-up.

Brian is a life saver.

EDIT:  So! In one hour I walked five miles. Go me.

The book(let) turned out oh-so-much better than I had thought it would! And he had it ready thirty minutes before I had requested which is... a bonus.

Not sure if we'll be getting these back tomorrow or if they're going to be staying a while in Mr. Miller's hands for perusal.

... let's not talk about price right now. It's what I wanted and it looks good and it's for a final project. It's good. We won't be making any more of these unless they're black and white with a double page full colour, mmkay?

47 pages (front/back) with the book dummy and then the tasks through the entire semester.


It's all worth it. Every time I look a the thing I'm giddy. I swear, it's not natural to be so happy over something so silly :P

Other than that, I go home wednesday morning.  Hoorah!
A month has past since my last entry, wow.  Not that there's much else to say since then, I've got lots of things to work on now that end of the semester has finally gotten here.

I've taught myself how to dry felt with felting needles, too -- directly related to my final for sculpture studio.  As soon as the finals are all over and done, I'll go home for a week and come back here -- to Richmond -- to work the rest of the winter break in order to pay for the rest of what I owe on fall semester.

This means I'll be open for commissions just after christmas.  I'll only take on a small handful, though, as I'd like to work on personal art a bit.  I don't get much of a chance for that while school is in session.

This semester has been largely about sheep and exorsising my childish tendancies.  I think I'm going to try to be a bit more serious next semester -- nose to the grinding stone and all that.

Mum is looking at the possibility of adding yet another horse to our small herd -- he would bring the total to six and he hails from Pennsylvania... which might mean another New Years drive and, possibly, a new tradition.  We're in the process of becoming a registered non-profit organization as far as the horse rescue and rehabilitation center is concerned.  Things are moving along nicely enough.

I'm taking care of myself as best I can, I do try to get some sleep when my body needs it and -- even if I'm not hungry -- I keep myself on a good eating habit.

Things can only get better from here.
Finished a piece between 9am thursday and 6am friday for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival cover art competition.  Ball point pen.  Ridiculously detailed.  Can't show it until after they've announced winners and I, uh, don't win.  If I do, they get rights to the image.

Did a painting in public today at the Brunswick Stew Festival for their 'The Market is Your Canvas' competition -- 4th out of five.  Great feeling, finishing a painting 4'x8' in just four and a half hours.  Better feeling knowing that the money won from that will help pay off some of my debts.

Working on my book dummy for Illustration for Children.  Coming along.  Much more work to do, though -- pages completed?  2/24

Sculpture piece due this friday D:  NOT looking forward to that.  But I do have a B- in my sculpture studio, so that's AWESOME.  I feel a bit inferiour in that course with my abilities :

Still need to finish up my Ten Clubs piece for Niko's.  GRAH, too much to do!!  I'm sorry it's not done yet :(
I spent all weekend at the State Fair of Virginia.

I've finished up the VCU fibers club website fibersclub.mistic-constellatio…

I have a children's book to create.
I have a commission due.
I have a card (10-clubs) to finish.
I have a sculpture to create.
I have trips to plan.
I have an illustration to complete for a contest.
I have no life.
I hunger.

I want soda.

Very very busy person.  .-.
Arrr, me mateys! I'm planning to capture me some swag a bit later in the morningtide.

Class awaits me yon, so I guess I'll be goin soon.

Ya know, soon as I find some grog or sommat else to wake this pour soul up.

Arrr, I've been in hot persuit of the dubloons promised me by that rapscallion what goes by the name Vee Cee You.

Swam through a sea of aimlessly wandering university students! Dodged peril by the sharp teeth of sharks*! Crossed the Boulevard straights, lads and lassies... all for not. Damned my quest was, as I met my match -- the dreaded Refurbishment.

Vee Cee You has thwarted me with that age old phrase: The Princess is in another castle. Play games with me? Avast! Me chase is getting cunning. I'll have to wage full-out war on 730 East Broad Street if I want me dubloons badly enough.

*Sharks of course refers to the man-eating beasts trying to sell things to poor college students on the streets between here and there.
I would like to take time out of my busy schedule to say hello.

Also, I would like to say that I wish I could do something to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina -- unfortunately, the only thing I have to give is space in my apartment and some food while they're here.  I'm in Richmond, so it's kind of hard to displace some one this far north.

Going off to collect dryer lint, now.  Like the poor-ass bum I am, I have to resort to harvesting fuzzy leavings in public clothes dryers so I can make things for my sculpture studio.
I get bored too easily but still haven't been producing 'art' so much this summer.  Art suuuuucks, I'd rather be knitting.

Oh wait, that's what I've been doing.  Nevermind.

Sorry for the lack of updates, slowly progressing (by slowly, I mean a few strokes of lead every two days) on my sketches for the next watercolour piece... ugh.  I don't want to work on it any more.  Too many rodents, so little time for meeeee.

Love you all, I try to look at everything whenever I'm on dA.  587D = lots of things to look at, though, so I'm sorry if I don't comment an awful lot D:

Luff, though.  :heart:… <= Last Unicorn watercolour painting auction
Tried to get a job waitstaff at the Crackerbarrel (you know, for some extra money since I'm going to be needing it for materials come august :hmm: ) but haven't been able to get the application to them since a) I don't have a car, b) I don't have a valid drivers license and c) we're never in town and the little brother's a prick since he won't take it up there for me since he works there, himself.

So I've kinda settled with myself doing art for 'a living' while I'm home for the summer.  NO I'm not doing commissions right now (maybe later, though).  I'm going to follow my bliss and see where it takes me.  Like with the watercolour I'm doing right now :D ...which I don't currently want to finish.

Tomorrow my funds should look nice for a few hours (yay, I get my last pay!) until I pay off my debt to the school and FINALLY register for fall classes :D Sculpture studio, Crafts 1) textiles (making fabrics) and 2) glasswork (blowing glass, stained glass, and so on) studios aaaaand...

Well, I still need to top everything off with an arts foundation course since I missed too many classes in one of my tech labs (figure drawing II) and failed it before I could blink :| I'm not retaking that one, though.  I'll settle for having a flag on my report if I can GET AWAY FROM THAT RUSSIAN PROFESSOR ugh.  I can't understand him all that well to begin with and then he likes to talk with his hands over his mouth (around, in front of, beside, just underneath) so I can't read his lips.... I dun likee that T-T  So I'm going to try to steal a spot in a Digital Lab class... hopefully I'll be able to learn the tricks to those darned Apple computers/programs.

And I need to find another arts-related course.  So I can fill up on arts for fall and take all of my GenEd in spring and get those over with.  So much fun :D


Yeah, I'm alive and kicking and enjoying my freedom while I have it.  Enjoying it so much, in fact, that I'm sitting around away from the computer and reading books for the first time in a few years :)  Ah, this is the life.  Doctor Who novels that I've had since last summer that I'm just now getting to read.

Laters, peeps.
I have somewhere to live in the fall! :D  I'm so happy.  Today I go home and I have all of my ends tied and waiting for me to come back in august and rip them all to pieces again :XD:

Have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't do.  Or anything I would....
Just so everyone knows, I'll be away from the computer/internet until sometime either june or july -- possibly august, it all depends on my schedule and how much I want to be online again (online costs money!)

I'll be home sometime wednesday.  So have a great summer :)
Seventeen hours of sleep and three hours of awakeness later, I'm much more refreshed than I have been in a very long time.  Now, here's where I stand:

:batty:  My 3-D/2-D column pieces (which I do not currently have pictures of) have gotten picked to go on to the semi-finals for the column contest.……

If they get chosen to move onto finals, they will be displayed at the Main Art and Frame gallery for the entire summer and I have the choice of pricing the piece, 50% of the commission goes to the gallery.  Top placing column recieves a $500 credit at the Main Art store (but I doubt I'll get that far).

I'll know if I was chosen on May 4th.  Last exam for me is May 6th (not even an exam, I just have to be in the classroom for a split second is all).  Biology 101 final is May 5th.  

Have to finish up my Doctor Who cutouts piece and another 2-D design piece (in colour, yay!) before next friday.  Hopefully both will be done before Tuesday (which will be our last 2-D design class).

...thinking about doing the colour piece around 'Ink' a bit.  I want to, I really really do.  Dunno yet, though.

If you haven't watched the new Doctor Who series, yet, I highly recommend it!  Even if you've never seen Doctor Who before, this is your prime opportunity to begin :XD: even folks around the studio who have never heard of it before have gotten hooked on it (I watched the new series on my computer while I was working on my projects) -- they can be downloaded from Bit Torrent, if you've missed them or if you are in America and can't get them on TV (or on DVD region 1 -- will have region 2 out in may).

EDIT:  Oh, yeah.  Mistic-Constellation is back online.  Which means I have the urge to do things with it.  (Urg, $34 out of my pocket that I wasn't counting on being gone at any point in time too soon... man,  I wish I had remembered to cancel it before paypal decided to nose into my debit account...)
Made finals for class room judging for the column contest (top two).  Column goes on to be judged for very top out of all the class-chosen pairs in the back room, now, and then for secondary spots.  More details later after I've moved out of the studio and back into the dorm...  And after I've slept for a great deal of time.
:star: 2-D half of column project -- finished.  Watercolours and coloured pencil on marbled paper.
:star: 3-D half of column project -- getting there, slowly but surely!  I've been in the studio since thursday working and working and working.  Last night about 3am... I got stuck.  I didn't know how I would be able to make the darn thing stand upright properly (it's very much top heavy); solved the problem with copper tubing.  Wondering if I'll need the smaller gauge tubing, as the larger bit seems to be holding it's own... could return the smaller for a refund.  Extra funds in the checkbook is a good thing.  I'd be placing the refunded money into the savings account and act like I'd spent it.  Whee.

Not really done, but I can't find my materials and it's due today.  So, yeah, it's done.

:star-half: 2-D design project; Doctor Who theme.  Planned out.  Not nearly half done, but there's a half star. 25-2" blocks to do, whee.
:star-empty: Loan proposal.
:star-empty: Summer column project.
:star-empty: Summer sketchbook venture.  I've got a hard-back 8.5"x11" 110 sheet/220 page sketchbook that I'll be filling with things.  Not just half-baked things, either, some really finished things.  Probably have almost all of them really finished.  It'll be for sale as soon as it's finished.  And it will probably have a plush cover to it to mimic my current sketchbook (although my current one is sculpey clay and fake wool...)

:star-empty: 2-D design project -- working with colours; due tuesday (or before friday, whichever).

Tired, but such is life.  On with the show.
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